Yzas Baker Tilly in brief

Accompany Differently

  • Differently with multidisciplinary and proven expertise
  • Differently with a quality approach to ensure customer's satisfaction in each of our assignments
  • Differently in the integration of innovative technologies

Figures that count

  • Created in 1995
  • At least, about fifty assignments per year
  • 1 Managing-Partner,about twenty permanent enployees graduated of higher education from renowned university and a number of internal stakeholders.
  • Independant Member of Baker Tilly France and Baker Tilly International the 8th network in the world of independent audit, accountancy and business advisory, present in 120 countries, 509 offices,25000 partners and employees.        

"People and their projects are what counts most for us"

  •  Human Scale Organization ; all member firms share the same vision which are expertise, listening, independence and appropriation of customer needs.            

Placing added value at the centre

  • Dynamic and proactive, our whole approach is ajusted towards compliance with international standards and the local reference document OHADA.             

Your satisfaction, our vocation

  • Giving you Advice, assistance and supportevery day in a win-win partnership. Our network is the guarantee of a reliable, high quality, and a recognized organization.

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